Amazing things to with your digital Photos
Thanks to our technology today we have an abundance of digital photos and the possibilities for what you can do with your photos goes far beyond posting them on Facebook and then forgetting about them sitting on your phone, memory card or computer.  There are some great things that you can do with your digital photos that you are probably not doing.

1. Create Postcards and More

Why not personalise your holiday experience with an actual photo of you and your family enjoying your holiday?  You can create postcards and greeting cards straight from your phone with TouchNote and send it anywhere in the world!  TouchNote Prints your creations to the highest quality, double laminated to last, and delivered fast straight from your phone to where you want to send it. You can sign up to TouchNote and get a free trial and your first two cards are free.

Another great app for creating custom postcards is Adobe Spark, and its free!  Pick size; Decide on your theme; Decide on your image; Add the right typography; Download, share or print!  You can use a professional print shop or your own home device to produce your free printable postcards.

2.  Photo Wall Gallery

A great way to fill a blank wall, add character or update a room, gallery walls are a stylish design trend that have stood the test of time.  Pick your favourite photos or decide on a specific theme and choose photos that will suit that theme (holiday, friends, family, pets, etc.) and create a photo wall gallery.  You can have your photos printed and framed, printed on stretched canvas frames, or how about a photo collage wallpaper?

  • Canvas Photo Wall Gallery

If you have high-resolution photos you want to show off, portraits or colourful landscapes look great enlarged and printed on durable canvas.  The material (canvas) is wrapped around a hidden frame, creating photos without borders.

Create and order or canvas prints online at

  • Polaroid/Instant Photo Wall Collage

Using fairy lights is one way to display your polaroid photos – this is a great way to add a glow to a dark wall space, with options to clip on photos and postcards, you can easily update this pretty feature with a new display.  You could simply just create a collage and stick them on the wall you have chosen.  Pinterest has many great polaroid photo wall ideas.

  • Framed Photo Wall Gallery

Visit your local flea market or second-hand shops for some unique vintage frames for your photo wall.  There are so many ways you can decorate your photo framed wall gallery – vintage frames, different shapes and sizes frames – check out Pinterest for some great ideas.

  • Photo Collage Wallpaper/Wall Decal

Did you know that you can have all your favourite photos on Wallpaper?  Pick your favourite photos and have a custom printed wallpaper or wall decal with your photos. A different take on a photo wall gallery and a great way to fill that blank wall!

Create and order your custom wallpaper or wall decal online at

3.  Photo Albums/Books

We’re less likely to print our photos these days, which means there are fewer photo albums to show the family. However, several apps will create physical albums from the photos stored on your phone, and they’ll usually turn up on your doorstep within days.  Creating a photo album or book for yourself is a great way to store those special memories and also makes for a great gift.  You could create a family history book, events through the year book or even a travel book.  Or you could just go old school and have your photos printed and placed in a photo album.  Create your photobooks online:

  • Photo Books:

Family History Book

Take all your old family photos from years gone by and arrange them into a family history.  You can label the photographs with names and dates of birth.

Events Through the Year

We all like looking back on how we’ve changed and a fun way to do this is to create a photo book of family photos from the same event each year.  Christmas for the last 20 years for example or your little one’s birthday for the last ten years.

Seasonal Book

Whether you love the bright hues of autumn or the fresh feel of spring, a photo book full of seasonal photographs will be one to look back on year after year.

Reasons I Love You Book

Surprise someone you love with a special photo book describing all the reasons you love them.  Use photos of the two of you and decorate your book with quotes or jokes etc…

Travel Book

Document your holiday adventures by printing the most memorable moments in a photo book.

4.  Custom Photo Accessories

Have your favourite photos printed on everyday accessories like mugs, fridge magnets, calendars and puzzles.  There are so many accessories you can create with your photos printed on them. 

  • Fridge Magnet

Turn your favourite photo into a custom photo magnet.  Perfect for showcasing everything from new baby photos to your best family portrait or your brightest holiday memories.

  • Coffee Mugs

Another way to ensure you gaze at your favourite snap more often is to turn it into your favourite coffee mug.

  • Cell Phone Case

Customize a case for your cell phone that will make you smile every time.

  • Notebooks and Diaries

Make a statement with you own personalised Notebook or Diary.

  • Photo Puzzle

Pick your favourite photos and create a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Calendars

Calendars are another great photo present to give or just create for yourself.  You could put a ton of pictures for each month of the year.  You can also add custom dates other than just holidays like birthdays, anniversaries or special family events.

  • Photo Wrapping Paper

Black and White photos look great on wrapping paper, add contrast with a striking colourful ribbon when wrapping your gifts.

There are a great many accessories you can create with your photos on them.  Get inspired and create your accessories online at:

5.  Digital Photo Frames

View your memories in a digital photo frame you can hang on the wall or keep on an end-table or office desk.  Unlike traditional photo frames, a digital one can cycle through your shots every few seconds, minutes or hours.  Many play music and videos too.

6.  TV Photo Slideshows

Not only can you enjoy your photos on your big-screen HDTV instead of a small computer monitor, but you can add music, professional-looking transition sequences and special effects.  Download software such as the free Windows Photo Story 3 – a simple-to-use tool that lets you import your desired photos, select which order they’re presented in, and choose the transition sequences between photos.  You can add a favourite MP3 track.

You can also view your photos on your tv using a USB, with Apple TV or Chrome Cast.

So don’t let your photos just sit on a folder in your computer, get them out there and not just on your social media platform!