Great Photo Booth Ideas:

Whether for your wedding or just about any party event, photo booths are a fun way to liven up your event and bring guests together and capture the memories of the event.  Create stunning images in an effortless way with a fun and interesting photo booth.  Photo booths will break the ice and provide many laughs throughout the event.

Photo Booths for hire Companies:


Classic is never out of fashion, and with a classic photo booth everyone knows what they are and how they work.  This photo booth idea is clear and compact, keeping everything together.  You can only take close-up portrait photos with this type of photo booth.


You could have simple photobooth with just a curtain.  The curtain theme can match the event theme and can be a simple design.


You can use a tree and props.  Hang objects that goes with your theme and large picture frames which people can look through as they are being photographed.  You will have endless possibilities for backgrounds and frames.


We all love a stand-up board.  These are a fun way to make people laugh and capture unforgettable moments.  You could have any design with as many face holes, if you can make it yourself.  You could also have more than one scattered around your event.  Portable layouts with a comic design are an interesting and fun idea for an event photo zone.  You could have fairy-tale characters, famous people, superheroes etc.


A framed wall is a great way to provide a backdrop for photo booth images.  You can design and make it as you wish, and a good idea is to make it along the same theme as your event.  Chairs and a table can make it seem like a room, and you can add humorous elements to the images.  Make wall framed holes for others to stick their head through.


This is a very portable idea and will allow your guests to take photos in different places.  What is great about the polaroid frame prop is that you can design the text for underneath the image.  Everyone loves Polaroid photos.


Props are a great way to add a little humour to the event.  Things like speech bubbles can provide words to a still image, and the best thing is, you can make them say what you want.  Have a few different designs allowing guests to choose what they prefer.  Having blank cards cut into the shape of speech bubbles allows the guests to write personal messages.


If you have a themed event, this type of photo booth can compliment your party.  You can either have a room inside the venue to dress as up as you wish or even use a small space outside. 


A chalkboard is a simple and cheap way to create a backdrop for a photo booth.  Make the design as interesting or as minimal as you like.  Your guests can write their own text, so provide a damp cloth and chalk pieces.


If you have access to a retro van, you can easily turn it into a photo booth for your event.  You can dress it up and park it wherever you need to.  The camera can go in the passenger seat, while the small couch inside provides the guests with seating.  Another great advantage of this is that you will have transport to and from the event and enough space for all your equipment.


Frames for painting and photographs are a great idea for a photo booth.  You can hang frames or just hand them out the guests.  The more distinctive the décor of the frame is, the better images you get.


An interesting idea is to use our modern technology for good use.  A drone can, with the right operator, hover above the ground, taking images of posing guests.  The best thing about the drone photography is the change in perspective.


The photobooth you choose does not have to be expensive or over the top.  A table on a tripod is enough to capture hundreds of guests.  Everyone knows what to do, and filters can give a more personal touch.  This photo booth is also portable, allowing you to change the scenery as often as you like.  What you will need is a tripod for your camera or tabled and either a ring light or LED lights for photography if the photos will need lighting.   The guests can set the timer and take selfies with some props provided.


A very simple yet popular phone booth idea.  Have an instant camera with plenty of film.  The camera can go around and people can photograph themselves and the party.  The instant photos can go in the photo book where messages can also be written alongside the pictures.


To make your own, section off an area with a beautiful backdrop and leave a camera nearby so your guests can capture stunning photographs in front of your DIY photo booth.

  • Gold Sequin backdrop

Make an amazing gold backdrop by covering a large foam board using hundreds of shiny sequins to create a sensational backdrop.

  • Tinsel Garland Backdrop

Head to your local R5 store and grab several bundles of tinsel garland to hang vertically in rows to cover a wall to create a backdrop in minutes.

  • Bokeh Lights Backdrop

Break out your indoor Christmas lights to create a beautiful bokeh backdrop that would look spectacular for Christmas or Wedding photographs.

  • Colourful Confetti Backdrop

Get your party started by inviting guests as they arrive at the party to strike a pose by the colourful confetti backdrop you have created.

  • Doily Backdrop

Doilies can look stunning as a backdrop when various coloured doilies are lined up in offset rows to cover an entire wall.

  • Scalloped Backdrop

Have a few extra rolls of wrapping paper lying around?  Cut out paper circles that are attached to the wall in overlapping rows to create your scalloped backdrop.

  • Fringe Backdrop

No party is complete without decorations, so for the next party, you could create a fun fringe backdrop to match your party décor out of a roll of crepe paper for a great photo booth wall.

  • Streamers Backdrop

Hang streamers from the ceiling to the floor so that they are densely layered to create a colourful backdrop for your photo wall.

  • Floral Backdrop

Make a floral backdrop out of sheets of tissue paper shaped into flowers and stuck on the wall using glue dots.

  • X and O Backdrop

Add a romantic flair to your photographs by creating a large X and O out of a huge pile of chocolate hearts stuck to the wall. And as a bonus, after you are done taking your photographs, you will have a huge pile of chocolates to eat!