Top Photographers Working Today

It is a difficult task to choose the top photographers for any genre as there are and were so many talented artists out there.  Instead of looking at famous photographers from the past, I have decided to instead focus on those who are working today and who are the future of the art.  Be sure to check out these great artists either by following them on Instagram or Facebook – you will not only appreciate the beautiful art, but you will be inspired!

Landscape Photographers

Ted Gore

Ted Gore’s work is strong, bold and unique – every image he posts packs an amazing punch with his compositions bordering on both the ambitious and seductive.  Ted Gore is based in California and has gained worldwide respect and exposure with his entire portfolio.  He captures landscapes in the most unconventional ways.

Adam Gibbs

British landscape photographer Adam Gibbs has an excellent eye for light and compositions and captures images that are quite relaxing to watch.  He also has an excellent YouTube channel where he teaches landscape photography and talks about his philosophy and the techniques he uses both in field and processing.

Max Rive

Max Rive is a Dutch photographer with an urge for exploring nature.  Rive’s passions for adventure extend from motorsports, cycling and photography, which result in the some of the most intriguing travel and landscape photography.

Alex Nail

Heavily manipulated images get far more attention than the more natural frames these days, so it is refreshing to browse the website of Alex Nail.  He has a passion for exploring mountains and wilderness areas.  Alex has published a new book “Northwest” which has received excellent feedback.

Callum Snape

Callum Snape is a photographer who is driven by adventure and his work is a perfect reflection of his passion for landscapes and his adventurous lifestyle.  He has an incredible ability to blend the human spirit of adventure with the magnificence of nature, which serves as a great example of innovation.

Candace Dyar

From the Pacific Northwest in the United States – a paradise for photographers, Candace Dyar is one of the best photographers from this region and she elegantly showcases its wide range of scenic landscapes.  Her images often include dramatic light conditions that succeed in conveying the emotional connection with the scenery felt.

Sean Baghsaw

Sean Bagshaw is an outdoor photographer, based in Ashland, Oregon.  His expeditions are focused in mountain photography spending 90 days of the year searching for the perfect light by sleeping in his truck or on the ground, whichever puts him closer to capturing his ideal image.

Erin Babnik

Erin Babnik is one of the hottest names in landscape photography.  Her expertise in landscape photography is not only shown through her exceptionally beautiful images, but also though her in-depth articles and talks on even the most advance topics.

Matt Meisenheimer

Matt Meisenheimer is a photographer based in Wisconsin, United States.  His artistry revolves around exploring the wilderness and constantly seeking out new adventures.  He strives to capture those brief moments of dramatic light and weather, making his landscapes so dramatic.  He loves the whole process of landscape photography – from planning trips and scouting locations to taking the shot in-field.

Andrei Trocan

Andrei Trocan, originally from Romania, now lives in Kentucky, USA.  Andrei has enjoyed nature and mountains from an early age, a passion that evolved into landscape photography as a means of recording his travels.  He uses photography to escape city stresses, he goes on photography trips and family trips in nature as much as time allows.  His processing tends to be low key and he uses softer tones.


Fashion photographers capture the beauty of clothes, people and the locations surrounding them.


Pamela Hanson is one of the first women to succeed in fashion photography.  With over 20 years of experience, she has become an irreplaceable part of the photography community.  She has an impressive list of clients that include Vogue, L’Oreal and Victoria’s Secret.


Zhang Jingna got into photography at the age of 18.  Shortly after she became a powerful influencer in the photography community.  She has worked with renowned companies like Harper’s BAZAAR and is one of today’s leading female fashion photographers.  She has been featured in Vogue and she’s been named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Asia


Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, also known as Mert and Marcus, are a fashion photography duo who often collaborate during their photoshoots.  Their photos focus on beauty, fashion and female power.  They’re a source of inspiration for both portrait photographers and fashion enthusiasts.  They have worked with every famous brand, including Vogue, Dior and Givenchy.


Lara Jade discovered her interest in photography at the age of 14, starting by posting self-portraits and photos of others.  These posts quickly caught people’s attention and provided Jade with an abundance of popularity.  She now photographs celebrities like Gemma Chan and Zara Larsson and she also works with companies like Avon, Monsoon and more.


Best known for her intimate portraits of actors, athletes, politicians and musicians, her work also crosses over into fashion.  She began working for Vogue in 1988 and has since become known for her lavish and intricate fashion shoots.  In addition to her extensive magazine work, which also includes numerous editorials and cover shoots for Vanity Fair, Annie has shot advertising campaigns for Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Bulgari, Dior, Gap and other major labels.


A bit of a mystery, rarely giving interviews or being photographed, Steven Meisel is one of the most powerful fashion photographers of all time.  He has been credited with discovering or nurturing the careers of many top models including Coco Rocha, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Lara Stone.  He has photographed every Vogue Italia cover since 1988 and every Prada campaign since 2004.


A Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer, Mario Testino has featured internationally in magazines such as Vogue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair and GQ.  His work captures the luxury and decadence of the contemporary fashion industry.

Wildlife Photographers

There is so much wildlife to captivate and capture and thankfully photographers can share the beauty of this world and bring us the wildlife scenes of animals that we would have otherwise never known.

Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Tokyo.  He is a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, Craft and Vision Author, Arcanum Master and X-Rite Coloratti member.  Martin is a popular international tour and workshop leader, helping photographers from around the world to experience and capture the wonders of our awesome planet.  His work has been published by Popular Photography Magazine, X-Rite, Pomegranate, Korean Air, Creation Durable (Paris), Real Music and Light of Consciousness Magazine.

Jon Cornforth

Jon Cornforth is an award-winning wilderness photographer whose images have been recognized internationally for their masterful composition and incredible detail.  All of his images are captured in the wild and he believes in supporting environmental groups and raising awareness through photography.

Annette Bonnier

Annette Bonnier grew up in Miami and was inspired from an early age, captivated by the worlds depicted in Life, Look and National Geographic.  She travels and works with NGO’s in India and Southeast Asia.  Her work has been published in the New York times, Tropic Magazine, and Loft Magazine and she has participated in various gallery shows around the world.

Jess Findlay

Jess Findlay is a professional nature photographer from Vancouver, Canada.  In 2011 Jess was awarded the International Youth Photographer of the Year award from Nature’s Best Photography and has gone on to be awarded in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.  Findlay has developed a unique style, combining elements from both landscape and wildlife photography, creating contextual images that speak to both the animal’s and environment’s story.

Connor Stefanison

Connor Stefanison is a photographer from Vancouver Canada and specialises in nature and wildlife.  He has won the Rising Star Portfolio award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition twice.  His photography draws from knowledge gained throughout his life engaging in various outdoor activities.

Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting has been hailed as one of the great nature photographers of our time.  His influential work appears in books, magazines and exhibitions around the world.  He has documented wildlife from the Amazon to Antarctica to promote understanding about the Earth and its natural history through images.