Where can I store my photos online?

One of our most beloved treasures are our photographs.  If we have them all printed out or backed up to a harddrive they are still vulnerable – fortunately we can save them online, so don’t risk your images – whisk them up into the safety of the cloud.  Most storage providers give you free space, with extra capacity available for a monthly or annual fee.  Finding the best online photo storage site can be tough with so many options to choose from.  Here is our list of the best photo storage sites to help you find the one that is right for you.


pCloud is one of the very few storage providers that will give you a lifetime storage subscription, which means that you only pay once to get 2TB of storage.  As a photographer, you will love the fact that you can see thumbnails and previews of most RAW files in the web and mobile versions of pCloud, as well as in pCloud Drive for macOS and there’s an official pCloud plugin for Lightroom that makes it possible to upload photos directly to your pCloud account.  There is also a browser extension that allows you to save videos and images directly to your pCloud account, which you can use as a scrapbook.


Flickr’s free account is limited to 1000 photos and videos, but for unlimited storage you will need to upgrade to Flickr Pro.  Flickr has a few added bonuses – the service displays your pictures in an awesome photo stream.  People are able to follow you and comment on your shots, making it kind of like a social network, in addition to being a place to store your photos.


2GB Free Storage

With a user-friendly interface and easy to use folder system, Dropbox is perfect for storing photos and any other digital file online.  Dropbox also makes it easy to share photos with friends and colleagues and works well with all operating systems with apps for both iOS and Android.  Dropbox is superb, especially if you just need to store RAW files.


5GB Free Storage

While best used as an extension of Apple Photos on Mac and iPhone, it is also compatible with Windows.  The service lets you upload photos online and display them in a photostream.  Once online, photos can be tagged with names and locations, and other iCloud users can add their own photos to the stream as well.  iCloud offers

Google Photos

Google Photos gives you unlimited storage at no cost, where you can store your photos of up to 16 megapixels.  Google Photos automatically label people within pictures and uses date and place to make searching easier.  Google photos include several editing options such as colour adjustment, cropping, resizing and more.  Your albums can be share publicly or privately with specific Google users.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is designed for all kinds of files, not just photos and offers 5GB of storage for fee.  Anyone familiar with the Microsoft Office suite will feel right at home with OneDrive’s integrated office apps.  Easy to navigate with same look and feel as Windows 10.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud offers several different cloud-based storage solutions specifically for photographers and provides photography-orientated storage with attractive image galleries.  Group libraries enable colleagues to add photos to one shared folder, and you’re free to make any photo private.  Integration with Lightroom and Elements and you can make quick edits when needed.  Uploading is easy – with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.  Adobe Creative Cloud also supports RAW file formats.                                                           Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan with Photoshop Lightroom CC, Spark, Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC is included in the package at $9.99 per month with 20GB storage.

Adobe Portfolio

Starts at $9.99 per month

If you are a subscriber of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can take advantage of their Portfolio service.  This photo storage platform allows you to create a portfolio of your best work and store it safely online.  It also offers several different customizable templates to help you organize your photos, and you can also tag and caption your photos.

Canon Irista

15B Free Storage

Canon Irista gives you a gallery-driven interface displaying your shots in style.  It accepts JPEG and common RAW file formats and is easy to use, with options to filter images by camera or lens type and arrange shots by year, tags and EXIF data.  You can upload images to Irista, share them to Facebook or Flickr and track any likes or comments.


10GB Free Storage

10 GB of free storage is generous compared with the plans of other services, but Box lacks features such ass tagging powered by artificial intelligence and photo-editing software and you must pay the monthly fee to unlock the automatic uploading feature.


Free Unlimited Storage

While Shutterfly is best known for their photo-printing service, it also offers free, unlimited storage for photos with no real limit to the photos you can upload.  But Shutterfly does not offer full-resolution downloading – instead you get a scaled-down 2-megapixel file.


Subscriptions start at $5.99 per month

SmugMug not only offers online photo storage, it allows you to create your own personalised webpage, with unique designs and even your address.  SmugMug plans include unlimited photo storage as well as a host of photo editing tools.


15-Day Free Trial, pricing starts at $6 per month.

As well as photo storage, Pixpa allows you to build an online portfolio, e-commerce store and client galleries.  All Pixpa plans have cloud storage space for original files and you have the option to choose from 10GB up to 10TB of cloud storage space for your original images.


500px is a photo storage site that also acts like a social network.  This service is aimed at professional photographers.  It’s a great place to store photos and showcase your best work.  500px offers both free and paid accounts – free accounts have plenty of options but do feature advertising.


2GB free Storage

An excellent photo storage site featuring an array of photo editing tools that allow you to edit colour and contrast, resize your photo, fix blemishes and much more.  Photobucket has a sleek interface and several different options for organizing photos.  You can put your photos into albums, stories, or arrange them in a scrolling presentation.


20GB Free Storage

Imgur is a photo storage site that offers quick and easy photo uploads for free.  Users don’t even need to register an account to take advantage of the service.  Photos can quickly be uploaded and shared online and on various social media sites without any reduction in image quality.  Imgur also has a mobile app to make using the service on your phone even easier.  Even though Imgur offers 20GB free storage, the site does have advertising to generate revenue.

Amazon Prime Photos

Not just an online retailer anymore, in addition to Amazons many services, the company also offers a photo storage service.  This service is for Amazon Prime members.  In addition to letting users store unlimited photos, one can also use the service to order photo prints, cards, calendars and more, delivered to your door.  It also has a great feature called Family Vault, which allows up to five people to store unlimited photos together.